Mission 22


Herr Comrade kneeled in front Maxwell, treating his laser wounds. The armor had taken most of the brunt, but burns still wrapped around his ribs. Comrade applied a bandage and Maxwell hissed in pain, and he asked, “You OK?”

“Yea, yea, I’m fine, just burns all over my breathing area. But I’m fine! Really,” said Maxwell. Comrade looked up at Maxwell, and he said, “Sorry, sorry. I get really sarcastic when I’m cranky. And all the other times. Oi, Lancaster! Why didn’t you warn us about the EXALT doing the whole genetic modification thing? Would’ve been useful information.”

“Sorry, sir. I sent a carrier pigeon but I guess the EXALT shot it down,” replied Lancaster. Maxwell stared daggers at Lancaster and growled while Comrade laughed quietly to himself, before Maxwell said, “Quit laughing and make me better, Squaddie.”

“All over it sir,” replied Comrade, stifling a laugh. He rummaged around his aid bag, looking for more gauze, when Lancaster took a seat nearby and said, “Would you like to know what I learned, Lieutenant?”

Maxwell made an irritated gesture with his hand, wanting Lancaster to continue, and Lancaster said, “It’s not in one of the most 5 populous countries in the world.”

“And what are those?”

“The United States, India, China, Brazil, and Indonesia.”

Maxwell grunted, and Lancaster continued, “That leaves all of Africa, parts of South and Central America, and parts of Europe.”

“Still a wide net to cast, then.” replied Maxwell.


Comrade finished up with the dressing and said to Maxwell, “All done. You’ll probably be out for a few days, but it won’t be too long.

Maxwell looked down and touched the dressing, saying to Comrade, “Thanks. Once you’ve got all your stuff packed up, go help out the rest of the squad in grabbing the EXALT weapons.”

“Yes sir.”


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