Mission 26


Volkov took careful aim at the Sectoid generating the Mechtoid’s shield bubble, and fired. The laser sailed through the car’s windshield, melting the glass and striking the Sectoid, killing it instantly. Volkov glanced up at the Mechtoid and was glad to see the small bubble around the Mechtoid disappear, though he was horrified to see the Mechtoid raising its twin cannons towards him. He brought his laser rifle up, taking aim at the exposed Mechtoid head, when Blacksmith suddenly rushed it from the side, striking it. This got the Mechtoid’s attention and it turned towards Blacksmith, and the two massive suits started to grapple. With one arm, Blacksmith jabbed the Mechtoid twice, knocking the alien off balance, before engaging the thruster at his elbow. The hardened steel slammed into the Mechtoid, crunching its armor and knocking it into the air. It landed a few meters away, its armor shattered and exposed circuitry sparking.

“Thanks for that, Minotaur 2,” said Volkov.

“No problem,” replied Blacksmith.

Volkov cast another wary look around the park, looking for any more contacts, when I Ran shouted from the rear of the squad, “SQUIDS!”

Volkov whirled around, just in time to see 2 Seekers conceal themselves. Maxwell called out, “Top off your weapons! Don’t let them get the jump on you!”

Volkov glanced down and replaced the battery in his laser rifle, as the rest of the squad did the same. 

“Get closer! Everyone keeps an eye on everyone else!”

Volkov scanned the park, keeping a careful eye out for any movement. HerrComrade looked over at him, and suddenly shouted, “SQUID!” and fired his laser rifle at Volkov. He dropped to the ground as the laser flew over him, and immediately felt something heavy drop down on his legs. The destroyed Seeker had fallen on him, pinning him to the ground. As he struggled under the weight of the robot, he heard more shouting from the squad and looked up to see a Seeker draping its tentacles over Topnotch Garbageman’s shoulder. I Ran fired his laser rifle and destroyed it, and Volkov couldn’t help but notice that the robot didn’t fall on him.

With the threat eliminated, Volkov called out, “Can someone help me over here?”

Comrade ran over to where Volkov lie while Maxwell directed Topnotch and I Ran to go pick up the remaining Meld. Comrade was able to get a firm grip on the slick surface of the Seeker’s body and slowly roll it off of Volkov. Once one of his legs were free, he was able to help out, finally getting the pressure of his legs. Comrade helped him up, and Volkov gingerly tested his legs. His calves felt painful, but he was able to stand.

“You OK, Lieutenant?” asked Comrade.

“Yea, I can walk.”

Volkov picked up his rifle, and slung it over his back. Walking slowly, he moved towards Maxwell, who had been patrolling around, inspecting the dead Mutons. Volkov said, “Those pheromones or whatever they are really give you a rush.”

Maxwell nodded and said, “Yea, they really do. I’ve been having some flank pain, though. Doctor Vahlen said the operation might put me at a higher risk for kidney infections.”

“Seriously? That’s… pretty crappy.”

Maxwell shrugged and said, “Better than losing the war. I’m going back into the tank after we pick up Coach, though. Dr Vahlen didn’t finish with all of the modifications. You ready to pick up Coach, by the way?”

Volkov saw Maxwell looking pointedly at his legs, and Volkov said, “Yea, I’ll be fine. Nothing’s broken, obviously. I can still run.”

Maxwell nodded and said, “Good. You should start thinking about what genetic set you want, by the way. You’ll probably going for a swim in the tank pretty soon.”


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