Mission 38


“Alright, let’s this thing loaded up and into the crate.”

Paddon, Gray, and Vincent stood around the body of the stunned Heavy Floater, looking uneasily at each other. “I’m not touching it. What if it wakes up? I like my arms being attached to me,” said Paddon.

“Well, we need to get it in the crate to move it back to base,” replied the scientist.

“Why don’t you pick it up? I thought that was your job, or whatever,” said Vincent.

“Yea, it is. When it’s not dangerous. That’s why you guys do all the shooting and stuff, and I get to clean things up. But this thing is still alive, so it’s still dangerous. That means that it’s your job.”

The three soldiers stood around in an uncomfortable silence, when Paddon suddenly brought a hand up to the plasma scorch on his Titan armor, saying, “Oh, wow, I think that plasma shot did hurt me. Oh, yea, my ribs hurt. Gray, I think I should go sit down.”

“Get off it,” said Gray, “the shot didn’t even touch you.”

“I think it did! I think it’s one of those slow burns. I’m surprised you’ve never heard of it. I should head back to the Skyranger.”

Gray snorted as Paddon started to limp away, and Gray shouted, “You said it was your ribs!”

“Thanks for the concern!” shouted Paddon, disappearing around the corner. That left the two soldiers around the unconscious alien, with the scientist still standing a little ways away.

“We still need to load it up,” said the scientist. Gray grimaced and looked at Vincent, saying, “So, do you want to take one arm and I’ll take the other, or…?”

“Hell no!” exclaimed Vincent, “Dead stunned it, he should do it. You break it, you buy it.”

Gray shrugged and said, “Can’t argue with that. Any idea where he went?”

“Colonel tasked him with something, both of them went off somewhere.”

Gray sighed, staring at the unconscious alien, wondering what the best way to load it up was. He looked down at the alien, and then at the crate a few meters away, and then back at the Heavy Floater.

“You know, we can’t transport an unconscious alien if it wakes up before we even get off the ground.”

“Look, man, we don’t need comments from the peanut gallery, alright?” said Gray, and Vincent said, “If you’ve got such a smart mouth, why don’t you spit out an idea?”

“Why not get the MEC guy to do it? They usually do it for the other squads.”

Gray grunted in agreement, reluctantly keying in his radio, and Vincent quietly said, “Wow, I can’t believe we didn’t think of that.”

“Minotaur 3, Minotaur 3, this is Dracula 6. Can you meet us in the alley with the Heavy Floaters?”

“Roger that Dracula 6, moving.”

All three stood silently around the alien, listening to the sound of Oranis’s footsteps get louder and louder. Once he rounded the corner to the alley, Vincent said, “Hey, Oranis! We need your help. We tried picking this thing up, but it’s too heavy for us.”

Oranis grinned and said, “Yea, not a problem.”

He quickly walked over and got both arms in one of his massive fists, effortlessly picking up the alien. He dropped it into the crate, and the scientist quickly close it, sealing the crate shut.

“I’m sort of surprised you guys couldn’t pick that up,” said Oranis, “It didn’t feel that heavy.”

Gray shrugged and said, “You’ve probably got a warped sense of strength with the augmentations.”

“Hm. Yea, that makes sense. We’re pretty much done with the salvaging, by the way.”

“Sounds good. Let’s get back to the ‘ranger.”


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