Mission 41


NAME: Black Bell
MISSION: Assault and salvage of supply UFO
LOCATION: United States
DATE: 15SEP2015

Siren 1
Siren 3
Siren 4
Siren 5
Bogeyman 2
Minotaur 2

Siren 3 – Moderate plasma burns to torso

3 Mechtoids (Destroyed)
3 Sectoid Commanders (Destroyed)
2 Sectoids (Destroyed)
4 Mutons (Destroyed)
2 Berserkers (Destroyed)
2 Seekers (Destroyed)
2 Drones (Destroyed)
1 Unknown (Destroyed)


Green Squad assaulted a landed supply barge in the western United States. Its mission remains unknown, but due to past intelligence gathered on alien activities, its location in rural farmland, and the presence of specimen tanks onboard, it can safely be assumed that its mission was to gather live specimens. To what purpose they would serve and where they would go remains unknown, due to the elimination of the alien base previously. Attempts at tracking enemy craft have failed and efforts to locate a second base have not gleaned anything of value.

The assault began on the western side of the UFO, with the squad immediately adopting a defensive position on the exterior of the UFO. From this position, the squad was able to successfully engage with and destroy 2 Mutons, 2 Mechtoids, 1 Berserker, 1 Sectoid, and 1 Sectoid Commander. Due to the open nature of the supply compartment of the, the squad was able to easily infiltrate the UFO, though the high hull of the UFO slowed the squad down significantly. It was during this time that a Mechtoid with Sectoid accompanying revealed itself to the squad, firing at and hitting Hackle Stacker. The squad retaliated with the fullest force possible, quickly destroying the Mechtoid. Siren 1 directed the squad into a defensive perimeter as Bogeyman 2 utilized his mimetic skin to scout ahead and discovered 2 Mutons and Berserker waiting in the fore compartment of the UFO, though the directed and controlled use of explosives destroyed them quickly. Bogeyman 2 continued his reconnaissance and discovered an unknown enemy (see attached photo). The new enemy type appears to be some sort of large, bipedal robot featuring heavy, nearly impervious armor and was accompanied by 2 Drones. Mobility and armament, at the time of this report, are unknown. Sensory capabilities seem to be unremarkable, since Bogeyman 2 was able to remain undetected at firing range. Bogeyman 2 judged what appeared to be the enemy’s armament and targeted it, potentially removing its firing capabilities, though the scientist’s report will be able to confirm this. The squad formed a firing line and unleashed its full armament on the enemy, including plasma and laser fire, ballistic rockets, and alien grenades. Its armor stood up to this assault, with each attack appearing to have a minimal effect on it. It finally succumbed to the assault before it could deploy its weapons, though the amount of time it was able to weather the assault is worrisome.

The squad cleared the rest of the compartment before moving towards the UFO bridge. En route, the squad encountered 2 Seekers, which were dispatched with ease. Upon breaching the bridge, the squad encountered 2 Sectoid Commanders who were quickly dispatched through a combination of Minotaur 2’s flamethrower and laser fire from the heavy weapon operators. The bridge was the last section of the UFO cleared, and the science team was called to salvage the UFO, which was largely intact.

The presence of this unknown enemy is both worrisome and a relief. Its size, design, and heavy armor all point to it being a considerable piece of ordnance. I hope that the research department can glean something of value during its autopsy, including its full combat capabilities. It is also a strong signal for XCOM to make the final step towards plasma weaponry, deploying both heavy plasma and alloy cannons, since our current mix of laser/plasma seems dangerously close to being inadequate, especially if we were to ever encounter multiples of them. However, it is worth noting that since it is such a considerable weapon, it is probably the last of the alien forces, meaning that they have now thrown everything they have at us. If we can destroy it once, we can destroy it again in the future. It’s a relief to know that the aliens have no more cards to play.

COL Wolfswift


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